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Chocolate Mud Cake

chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache - the best choice for 3D sculpted cakes

Vanilla White Chocolate

vanilla bean white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache


caramel mud cake with caramel sauce and white chocolate ganache

Lemon Curd

White Chocolate Raspberry

lemon white chocolate mud cake with lemon curd and white chocolate ganache

white chocolate raspberry (or strawberry) mud cake with berry compote and white chocolate ganache

Chocolate Raspberry

chocolate raspberry mud cake with berry compote and chocolate ganache

Chocolate Peanut Caramel

chocolate mud cake with peanut fudge filling, caramel sauce and chocolate ganache

Ferrero Rocher

chocolate mud cake with hazelnut filling, crushed ferrero rocher and chocolate ganache

Mint Chocolate

mint chocolate mud cake with peppermint filling and chocolate ganache

Cookies and Cream

white chocolate mud cake with chunks of oreos and oreo white chocolate ganache


orange chocolate mud cake with orange filling and chocolate ganache


coconut mud cake with mango passionfruit compote and white chocolate ganache

due of the nature of our kitchen we are unable to make allergy friendly cakes

all cakes contain these allergens: wheat, gluten, milk, egg, soy


As each cake is unique we'll need to give you a quote calculated on the size of the cake plus the time and materials needed to create your chosen design. To do this we need to know: 

  • The date - the more notice the better! We often book out a few months in advance so the earlier you can book the better.

  • How big the cake needs to be - how many people you want it to serve and how big should the servings be, e.g. is it for a kids party, served with cocktails at a wedding or will it be the main dessert. Our standard cakes are 3 layers and around 4-5 inches tall.

  • The flavour - We use mud cakes for their rich flavour and dense moist texture which stays fresh for longer without any added preservatives. Have a look above for some options. If you have something else in mind just let us know.

  • If you have a budget in mind - as a guide our smallest cake serves approx 8-16, (depending on how you cut it) and is usually between $190-$290. The next size up serves approx 15-30 people and is usually between $250-$350+

  • The theme, style and/or colours, please feel free to email any inspiration pictures to

Not sure what you'd like? Get in touch below and we'll guide you through the custom cake process. All quotes are obligation free.

Terms And Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Please note your booking is not confirmed until we have received your 50% deposit. This deposit is required within 7 days of receiving your invoice to confirm your order. The remaining amount once confirmed must be paid no later than 14 days prior to your event. If an order is cancelled within 14 days of the event it has been ordered for the full amount is non refundable. All notices of cancellation must be received in writing.

All products are handmade to order and no two are exactly alike. Any item ordered from a picture or photo especially of a cake produced by another cake artist can only be reproduced as our interpretation and will not be an exact copy. Any changes requested to the size, style or flavours must be made in writing no later than 14 days prior to your event.


Unfortunately we are unable to cater for food allergies. While every effort is made to keep ingredients separate we cannot guarantee that your cake will not come into contact with gluten, nuts, milk products, or any other allergens. Allergen info for each cake is available upon request. If you have a specific allergy, please let us know before booking.


Amelias Kitchen takes no responsibility for any damage caused to our products once they have been delivered or picked up from our kitchen. In the unfortunate circumstance damage does occur please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help remedy the situation if time allows, however this may incur a charge. If you are dissatisfied with any product please let us know immediately and return it to the kitchen within 24 hours for assessment.


We reserve the right to use any photographs or video of work created by Amelias Kitchen for display or promotion but they will only ever be used after the date of your event.

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